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The use of these radio's with control software

from this page is almost similar to other radio's described



The VCO range is about 140MHz to 175Mhz, output power

1W or 10W. VCO steps fixed to 2.5kHz.



See the usermanual for the possibilities or download the .doc file…


1. Remove the board with 2 extra EPROM's, only one EPROM is needed for this software.


2. Remove the connection between collector and emitter of the marked transistor

  next to the SUB-D connector. The powerdown has been disabled in some radio's for some reason(?)


3. A pin of the 4066 marked is shorted to ground, it should be connected to the original pad again.


4. Program the .bin file into an EPROM, a 27c128 to 27c512. Insert it in the marked socket.



5. Retune the receiver with these trimmers.








Ericsson.bin                                                  Ericsson512.bin


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