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    P1030 radio.

A few years ago these radios were sold at a

radiomarket in Meppel. At first sight they

are very interesting, but when i had bought

them I noticed they must be programmed with the

plug on top. Some of them only gav ethe message

‘Prog’ on the display, they probably lost their

program of have neven been used before.

The original program is only a list of frequencies

and trunkin data. This software must be uploaded by

some PC program and a cable which are not available

in the Netherlands.

The only solution for making these radio's useful

was to write new control software for the main CPU of

the radio. This gives also the possibility to use every

frequency at the 12.5kHz spacing instead of some

fixed channels like the PRP73. The

main CPU is now able to calculate every frequency

with or without shift. There is a 70cm version and

a 2meter version available, in the Netherlands

probably only 70cm.

English usermanual

English usermanual






The original frequency range of both versions are far from the amateur frequencies, with retuning the front-end it is possible to create a good sensitivity. The problem is for the second half of the amateur band, the VCO can't reach it so for receiving some frequencies the VCO is switched to TX mode by software to add this frequency part.


Most radio's have a transmitter power of about 7 watt, this can be selected by software in 8 steps. See the usermanual for the possibilities or download the .doc file…







P1030_70cm.bin                                            P1030_2m.bin


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